Chicken Charlie


Chicken Charlie, BGC The Fort

Chicken Charlie is the home of the soy garlic double-fried chicken that’s lip-smackingly good. In 2010, Chicken Charlie was the first brand of double-fried chicken to be introduced in Manila. Inspired by similar restaurants in the U.S. and Korea, it offered Filipinos a unique take on a favorite dish. Before long, one store became two, then four, and then even more, reaching a grand total of 16 stores by the end of 2012.



I Like the Wall…


Value Meal C (Php 115)

3pc wings, rice and drinks (MJ loves the chicken charlie compare to bon chon


Cute ceiling


Family Value Meal (Php 483)

4 wings, 4 drums, 3 rice, 3 iced tea and a basket of fries


Crazy shots with Popo, MJ and Jelai… Of course I’m the one whose taking the picture.




Chicken Charlie
Bonifacio Global City
G/F Grand Hamptons Tower, 31st St cor 1st Ave
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 804-2409
(02) 551-1131
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