American Curl

American Curl Shorthair Personality

American curl.

American Curls are very sociable and people-oriented. They will join you when watching your favorite TV show, help you with dinner preparation, get into the shower with you and finally they will sleep in your bed. Affectionate and caring, they will become your soul-mates. They also get on very well with children and other pets as well and they do not mind guests in the house.
Although fearless and courageous cats, when introduced into a new home Curls seem to have an inherent respect for the current pet occupants giving them plenty of space and time to adjust to the new kid on the block. They are never aggressive, on the contrary they are gentle and polite.
Intelligent and curious, they can be taught to act tricks and even fetch. They are also very playful, while their favorite toys are anything that makes a crinkling sound. Not overly talkative, they express themselves through little trill-like cooing sounds when they want to comment or would like an opinion on something that’s momentarily confounding to them.

chowder_the handsome cat



Behavioral Traits

The American Curl is an especially personable cat. They like to relax in high places – such as on the very top of book shelves or kitchen cabinets – and they have a fondness for gently patting their people on the eyelids or eye-glasses with their soft, fluffy paws. They also like to lick their owner’s hair and give kitty-kisses on the face. Curls are not especially vocal, but of course they purr and make trill-like cooing sounds when happy or particularly pleased. They have a very soft, chirp-like meow and only “talk” on an occasional basis. American Curls are curious and quite comical.


Chowder_American Curl

Chowder_American Curl

“It’s very important that we know the personality, characteristic and behavioral traits of your pet so that you will understand them. We all know cats can’t talk like humans, but they purr and make sounds when their happy. Keep in mind we need to be aware of how cats express their feeling if their hungry, happy or not feeling well so that we can attend to their needs as a responsible pet owner.”


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